I lust, lust to do -Do some difference in life. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. . I like, like some thunder -Thunders in stormy rain. .. .. .

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I urge, urge to soar-
Soar up to the end of Universe.
I urge, urge to espy-
Espy up to the rear of Rainbow…

This site is specially designed and aimed to gather all those who love poetry and have similar thoughts & deeds like me. I feel no point of living like this!! !! i.e. simply steadily without doing anything creatively… .

From the birth of every humans we strive to sustain on this globe and whirl in the direction of stream flow…

After birth one who spent the childhood, school days after that will leads to the campus life there one get completely moulded I believe … .

Once we pass out of the educational stream may roam here and there; but finally stop at the bounded work schedules!! Then some may get chance for courting but most ends their chance in wedding… …then… surely!! will contribute another human for this world for to lead the same cycle and starts our return journey to the beginning.
I dream a peaceful world where all humans who care, trust and love each other.. .and. …believe in perennial human relations which lasts beyond the end of life cycle… ..I welcome all to my friends circle and appreciate your valuable comments, views & dreams with this regard.